On Writing (and Evolving) Online

I’ve felt so much pressure (pressure that I give myself) to perfect my blog lately and this post by, Cheri Lucas Rowlands was a breath of fresh air.

-Sincerely, Stephanie

“But I sense, more and more, that not writing creates unwelcome holes in my own narrative that I weave, and even if I’ve nothing to say, or feel uninspired, I should still write.”

Please Take Your Change


I was walking out of a store yesterday when I saw a lady drop some change. She looked down at it and decided it wasn’t worth the bend. In that moment, I thought to myself, “well if she doesnt want it, I do!” but then I also stopped and asked my sister, “Is it tacky if I take the change she left behind?” My sister shrugged in approval and told me to go for it.

On that note, I turn to take claim over the shiny pile on the floor, but then a fearless passerby bent over and claimed the abandoned change. It happened so fast, all I could do was alternate looks from my sister, to the vigilante and back at the empty spot. That vacant sidewalk where my golden opportunity once beamed at me in all of its financial glory. In a matter of seconds, I struck gold and didn’t jump at the opportunity.

In the end, I felt worse for not claiming it than I would have if someone had seen me be the champion of American currency. I didn’t feel worse because I wasn’t a few cents richer (I mean it wasn’t anything to review my taxes over) but because It’s a red flag for how I may be treating other shining opportunities in life. We ask God for riches, open doors and success, but do we know how to recognize it when it’s in front of us?  I hope when other opportunities, big or small present themselves, I can be fearless too.